Wild City

Despite the urban sprawl in Western Australia, there are still 1000 isolated patches of remnant native vegetation within this urban footprint.  These are vital bushland spaces for native plants and a range of animal survivors.   Vital places also to maintain the wilderness that reaffirms our connections with the environment.  This series of talks is aimed at starting the conversation about how we can best protect our urban forest and fauna for people now and into the future.

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Murdoch University, 5 November 2018

9:00 Trish Fleming WELCOME
9:15 Giles Hardy Why are trees important?
9:30 Gavin Giles (City of Fremantle) The Greening Fremantle Strategy 2020 and Urban Forest Plan – how we plan to keep the city green
9:45 Treena Burgess The urban environment: bridge-heads for Phytophthora introductions and sentinels for early detection
10:00 Rachel Standish Restoration where people live and work
10:15 Moderator: Giles Hardy DISCUSSION
11:00 Wetlands in the Wild City Belinda Robson Wetlands in the Wild City: now and for the future in a drying climate
11:15 Stephen Beatty Fish Highways: tracking native and introduced fish in our cities and the implications for management
11:30 Jane Chambers Wetlands and Wildlife Corridors
11:45 Halina Kobryn Foxes on your frontdoor step
12:00 Trish Fleming Urban animals exploit humans!
12:15 Moderator: Belinda Robson DISCUSSION
12:30 LUNCH
13:30 Catherine Baudains What is the most critical factor for conservation?
13:45 Mike Calver Using research to change cat owner behaviour
14:00 Kris Warren

*talk not available, please contact Bec Donaldson for a regular public update
Conservation management of black cockatoos on the Swan Coastal Plain: Use of movement ecology to address knowledge gaps
14:15 Jatin Kala Climate Change in southwest Western Australia and implications for urban forest management
14:30 Amanda Kristancic How can we get people engaged in conservation?
14:45 Bonnie Beal-Richardson (City of Mandurah) Backyard Bandicoots: Partnering to Engage Community
15:15 Greg Simpson Wild City – Healthy Humans
15:30 Mike Hughes Social dimensions of urban nature
15:45 Moderator: Mike Hughes DISCUSSION
16:00 Chad Hewitt Conclusions

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