Potential projects

Urban Ecology

  1. Links between seed banks and above ground vegetation across an urban matrix
  2. Genetic connectivity of urban reptile populations
  3. Urban survivors; A survey of wildlife in Perth bushland reserves
  4. Identify use of land bridges by native species – does addition of furnishing improve their use?

Native wildlife

  1. Save the Rakali
  2. Bilbies and their burrows

Predators in urban and natural landscapes

  1. Dingoes and kangaroos
  2. Feral cats
  3. Red foxes
  4. Personality syndromes and predator cues

Invasive animal control

  1. Monitoring tools for wary wild dogs (dingoes)
  2. What do schoolie ravens eat, and where do they go when term is over?
  3. Identifying optimal lures for feral cats

 Evolutionary biology

  1. Invertebrate Autotomy
  2. Assessing the fitness consequences of parasites in Tiger snakes
  3. Lizard caudal autotomy
  4. Structure and function of the neck muscles of kangaroos and wallabies
  5. Sexual dimorphism in the skeleton of Bobtail lizards
  6. Fang Function (Hons)

  7. New species of Dasyurid (Hons)

  8. Evolution of locomotion in bandicoots (PhD)
  9. Feral cat morphology – understanding selective pressures acting on limb length and body shape in feral cats

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