Potential projects

Animal welfare

  1. Air-conditioned sows; does keeping cool influence suckling success in free-range pigs?
  2. Welfare of stray cats

Urban Ecology

  1. Links between seed banks and above ground vegetation across an urban matrix
  2. Genetic connectivity of urban reptile populations
  3. Backyard Bandicoots (projects funded through an ARC-Linkage project with the City of Mandurah)
  4. Urban survivors; A survey of wildlife in Perth bushland reserves

Habitat selection in native wildlife

  1. Diet for dibblers on Dirk Hartog Island National Park
  2. Habitat heterogeneity and red-tailed phascogales
  3. Nectar production potential of Leptospermum

Predators in urban and natural landscapes

  1. Dingoes and kangaroos
  2. Feral cats
  3. Red foxes
  4. Personality syndromes and predator cues

Invasive animal control

  1. The rainbows you don’t want over Perth
  2. Controlling feral cats and foxes in urban bushland reserves
  3. Alternative protection from invasive predators: Livestock guardian dogs and free-range chickens and pigs

 Evolutionary biology

  1. Invertebrate Autotomy
  2. Assessing the fitness consequences of parasites in Tiger snakes
  3. Lizard caudal autotomy

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