Raw data

Trapping data for three sites in the Cape Fold Mountains, Robertson, Cape Town, South Africa.  If you would like to use these data, then please cite one or more of the following papers (as relevant to your project). FIELD DATA

Fleming, Nicolson, 2002. How important is the relationship between Protea humiflora (Proteaceae) and its non-flying mammal pollinators? Oecologia, 132:361-368.

Fleming, Nicolson, 2002. Opportunistic breeding in the Cape spiny mouse (Acomys subspinosus). Afr Zool, 37:101-105.

Fleming, Nicolson, 2004. Sex differences in space use, body condition and survivorship during the breeding season in the Namaqua rock mouse, Aethomys namaquensis. Afr Zool, 39:123-132.

Fleming, Nicolson, 2003. Arthropod fauna of mammal-pollinated Protea humiflora: ants as an attractant for insectivore pollinators? Afr Entomol, 11:9-14.

Data on lizard body mass, size (SVL and tail length), leglessness, foraging mode, activity pattern and habit were collected from extensive searches through the literature, museum specimens (Western Australian Museum), and both published field databases (e.g., Brandley et al. 2008; Meiri 2010) and unpublished field databases (appendix A gives a list of species and data used in this study).  Appendix 1

2013 Fleming  et al. 2013 Telling Tails DATA Please cite this paper if you use these data in any form:  Fleming, Valentine, Bateman, 2013. Telling tails: Selective pressures acting on investment in lizard tails. Physiol Biochem Zool, 86:645-658.

Trapping data for small vertebrates on Macrotermes termitaria and surrounding miombo woodlands, ZimbabweALL DATA no recaps.  Please cite this paper if you use these data in any form: Fleming, Loveridge, 2003. Miombo woodland termite mounds: resource islands for small vertebrates? J Zool, Lond, 259:1-8



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