Research funding

Where can you get funding to support your project?

Although wildlife studies generally have far less financial support than many other research areas, there are a number of generous funding bodies that could support your studies.  Spend some time looking through these.  Some hints for applying for grants:

  • Check the deadline for the grants you want to apply for. Put these dates in your diary and give yourself plenty of lead time. You will want a lot of input into your application, so you need time to get it right.
  • Pick the right grant – don’t scattershot apply for a load of grants that ‘might do’ or you will be wasting the grant bodies’ time and yours.
  • Fill in the form exactly how the grant body wants it. If they want you to tell them about your research in 500 words, don’t use more.
  • Show that:
    • the research is needed (clearly identify ‘the problem’). Have a good, clear question and a good, clear projected outcome. No vagueness about what you want to do.
    • you have worked out how to do it (you have a solid experimental design)
    • you know how much it will cost and what you will spend the money on (and your budget is clearly justified). Tell them exactly what you want the money for – don’t be vague, be precise and concise; make sure you justify exactly why that specific amount is being requested.
    • you know how it will make a contribution (the potential impact of your work).
  • Get as many other people as possible to look it over and criticise it.
  • *~Avoid being dull and worthy; loosen up and try to sparkle~* You need people to read your proposal sufficiently to want to support it, so make sure that it captures their attention and is interesting.
  • Fill in the entire grant form! Make sure they have ALL the information they asked for.

Below are some funding options sorted by application deadline.

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Please send us information on other grants if you become aware of them…