See publications by Trish Fleming, Bill Bateman, Natalie Warburton, Christine Cooper, Peter Adams, Tracey Kreplins, Shannon Dundas, Steph GodfreyLeonie Valentine, Gillian Bryant, Kris Warren, Stuart Dawson, Ash Wolfe, Amanda Kristancic,

Read more about some of these publications


The tripartite relationship between a bioturbator, mycorrhizal fungi, and a key Mediterranean forest tree NE Tay, AJM Hopkins, KX Ruthrof, T Burgess, GESJ Hardy, PA Fleming Austral Ecology PDF Read more: Australia Geographic,

Corvid interference with Canid Pest Ejectors in the southern rangelands of Western Australia TL Kreplins, MS Kennedy, SJ Dundas, PJ Adams, PW Bateman, PA Fleming Ecological Management & Restoration PDF

Novel predation opportunities in anthropogenic landscapes PA Fleming, PW Bateman Animal Behaviour 138, 145-155 PDF, Read more: article in The Conversation, PhysOrg, TriplePundit,


Scratching beneath the surface: bandicoot bioturbation contributes to ecosystem processes LE Valentine, MR Bretz, KX Ruthrof, R Fisher, GESJ Hardy, PA Fleming Austral Ecology 42, 265-276 PDF


The good, the bad and the ugly: which Australian terrestrial mammals attract most research? PA Fleming, PW Bateman. Mammal Review 46 (4), 241-254 PDF Read more: ABC onlineWAtoday, The West Australian, Australian Geographic, Deutsche Welle, Mashable,






Does human pedestrian behaviour influence risk assessment in a successful mammal urban adapter? PW Bateman, PA Fleming Journal of Zoology 294, 93-98 PDF Read more: Scurious, LiveScience, ScienceDaily, Motherboard, StudentScience


First in, first served: uptake of 1080 poison fox baits in south-west Western Australia SJ Dundas, PJ Adams, PA Fleming Wildlife Research 41, 117-126 PDF Read more: The Conversation, ABC Science, ScienceNetworkOne Perth      







Sexual selection on forelimb muscles of western grey kangaroos (Skippy was clearly a female) NM Warburton, PW Bateman, PA Fleming Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 109 (4), 923-931 PDF Read more: Australian Geographic, ScienceNetwork, WAtoday, The Indian Express, University World News

Sugar preferences of avian nectarivores are correlated with intestinal sucrase activity KR Napier, TJ McWhorter, SW Nicolson, PA Fleming Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 86 (5), 499-514.  Read more



Big city life: carnivores in urban environments PW Bateman, PA Fleming Journal of Zoology 287 (1), 1-23  PDF Read more: Conversation, CoolGreenScience




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