Wild dog control

A three-year project examining control of wild dogs has been finalised.  The project was made possible by funding from the Royalties for Regions Biosecurity Research and Development Fund BBD RDF14-00034.

A summary of our findings on wild dog impacts is now available.

We surveyed landholders for their views on control of wild dogs.  We have examined whether we can develop aversion methods to prevent domestic dogs from taking baits, and recorded whether wild dogs move across the Western Australian State Barrier Fence.  Finally, we examined the fate of wild dog baiting, recording bait-take by wild dogs (and where all the rest of the baits go).  This work is currently in various stages of review for publication:

Kreplins et al. In press. Corvid interference with Canid Pest Ejectors in the southern rangelands of Western Australia. Ecological Management & Restoration.

Corvid dismantling CPE.png
Clever crows (Corvus spp.) interfere with wild canid control. This one has dis-assembled the mechanism of a Canid Pest Ejector monitored by camera.



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