Investigating the impact of Phytophthora cinnamomi (dieback) on fauna

The Shire of Mundaring contains the second largest local natural area in the metropolitan region. The biodiversity values of natural areas protected in the reserves network are under imminent threat from the spread of Phytophthora Dieback.

A recent ecological assessment of the Shire’s highest priority reserves concluded dieback was having a significant impact on species diversity and ecosystem function. Urgent action is needed to limit spread of the disease and restore ecosystem function in compromised areas.

This project will work with the Shire and local community groups to identify the biodiversity values of bushland reserves using all or some of the following options:

  • A survey of the 33 reserves for evidence of quenda activities (diggings)
  • Monitor the reserves with camera traps
  • Carry out small mammal/reptile trapping
  • Bird surveys
  • Place out predator refuges for quenda (pallet palaces and escape pipes) and monitor their use

This project has a PhD scholarship and maintenance funding.  For more details, contact Trish Fleming