Help look after quendas

Bandicoots live in your local remnant bushland, and might even live in your backyard! Urban life can be challenging; urban bandicoots are at risk from habitat loss, being attacked by pet dogs and cats, and being hit by cars. Through our research, we hope to learn more about the major threats to urban bandicoots, so we can help make urban areas a safer place for them to live. In the meantime, there are a few simple things you can do to help.

  • Look after your local bushland. Bandicoots rely on healthy bushland for food and protection. Join your local friends group and attend community planting events.
  • Keep your dog on a lead unless you are in a designated off-lead area. When dogs run through the bush they leave their scent behind, and bandicoots seem to avoid these areas. Remember, even if your dog would never attack a bandicoot, their presence can still have a negative impact on bandicoots in the bush.
  • Keep your cat confined to your property. Cat runs are becoming very popular, and allow your cat to experience outdoor life in a way that keeps both your cat and your local wildlife safe!
  • Don’t offer human food to bandicoots. Human food is not healthy for quenda and can make them overweight, sick, and dependent on humans. Check out the Healthy Wildlife Healthy Lives website for more information.
  • Be mindful of wildlife when driving. Roads are a crucial part of the suburbs, but can be a real problem for wildlife.