Managing Australian top predators: behavioural ecology of foxes and wild dogs

Wild dogs (dingos) and foxes are top predators across most Australian landscapes, regulating populations of smaller species.  These canids also cause substantial livestock damage in agricultural areas.  Numbers of wild dogs and foxes can be controlled through intensive shooting and trapping programs, and their impact can be reduced through fencing.  A more cost effective method is to use poison baiting.  In WA, we have the largest fox baiting program in Australia, distributing a million baits every year over conservation estate.  Baiting is also used extensively in agricultural areas.  This project will examine how these canids interact with baits, and test different ways of increasing attractiveness of baits.  The project has conservation and economic importance, increasing our ability to control predator numbers. This project will involve

  • Extensive travel for field work (Manual drivers licence)
  • Camera trapping and image analysis

More information: contact Tracey Moore